Spray Tanning

Beachy Exotic Look

If you have fair skin type, and you easily burn in the sun, then you should not leave the house without SPF. However, if you want to have that beautiful tanned skin, and simply look rejuvenated, then you can do some other things than exposing yourself to sunlight. While tanning in the natural sunlight is something that most people love to do, the sun is actually really damaging! Using tanning beds is also dangerous. So what are your options?

If you want to have beautiful, tanned, natural-looking skin, then you should go for a Spray tanning. This treatment allows you to have that darker skin tone, yet it does not damage your skin at all! Professionals use special sprays that do not stain your skin at all. So, how to prepare for this treatment?

Spray Tanning

Well, the first thing that you need to do, half an hour before you come to tanning saloon is to exfoliate your entire body. Use harsh exfoliator really and give your skin a good cleaning! By doing this, you will remove dead skin cells from your body, creating a smooth surface for tanning spray that is yet to come. No matter how pale you are, you can pick any level of tan, because these tans look really natural. In one session you can go several shades darker!

Spray tanning allows you to look as if you were in the sun, on the beach, for days! The effects will stay long, and after two weeks you can notice a slight difference. If you want to maintain the color, then you can buy sprays that you can use at home!